Reznard Films /// … in production

screenplay&direction/ Antoine Antabi
producer/ Katharina Weser
production manager/ Jasper Wiedhoeft

set design/ Anna Brotánková
set building/ Antonia Kamp, Elise Richter
set building assistant/ Julia Sgrafa, Elena Kovylyaeva

puppet builder & miniature props/ Ulrich Jakob
gaffer/ Petar Manov
animator/ Jonatan Schwenk, Albert Radl, Valentin Felder
editor/ Maximilian Raible
grip & motion control technician/ Jörg Weidner

midyan, a syrian refugee is on the run from his war torn country. his unbearable hunger forces him to start eating his belongings. though these strange meals do not give him stomach aches, the side effects are monstrous…

stop-motion-animation, color, 7min., germany