Gut gegen Nordwind / Dobrý proti severáku

Jihočeské Divadlo /// Oktober 2019

Daniel Glattauer, Ulrike Zemme
director/ Martina Schlegelová
dramaturgy/ Olga Šubrtová
stage design/ Anna Brotánková
costumes/ Aneta Grňáková
music/ Filip Veret

with/ Helena Dvořáková, Pavel Oubram, Martin Myšička

An adaptation of a romance in e-mails
Emmi wanted to cancel her subscription to the magazine ‘Like’ on the internet. However, as a result of a misprint her e-mail is instead sent to Leo Leike. This is the beginning of an unusual correspondence that makes a non-binding, and for this reason also very intimate, relationship possible. The virtual relationship becomes more and more intense, raising the inevitable question: to meet or not to meet? Will the feelings that came into being in the virtual world hold up in reality? This Austrian novel from 2006 became a bestseller, and its theatrical version was no less successful than the book.
foto: Alexandr Hudeček